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Canon iP1300 Drivers Download – Canon Pixma iP1300 is a fundamental course printer without any includes whatsoever. This printer has a paper place area. However, there‘s no tray or tray for the paper-out component, just like a printer generally. Canon iP1300 Drivers Download for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS, and Linux.

Canon iP1300 Drivers Download

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Canon iP1300 Review

For that reason, the printout that appears from the printer will instantly land on the table. This treatment can job well, offered you can offer sufficient area at the front from the printer, such as on a big sufficient workbench.

This printer will be challenging if put on a slim area such as on a rack, for instance, because the printout that appears from the printer will instantly are up to the flooring because of the lack of the paper base. Which is most likely to earn the printout quickly run over by passers-by when putting in a congested location web traffic different type of people such as in the workplace or an institution.

This Canon Pixma iP1300 printer feels much less compared to different elements than Canon Pixma iP3300 and Canon Pixma iP4300 printers, which have much more costly costs than Canon Pixma iP1300.

“Canon Pixma iP1300, Cheap Inkjet Printer from Canon”) This is one of these printers that is priced at just under 500 thousand rupiahs. This printer is sold without a black ink cartridge like the Lexmark Z735 printer, so only color cartridges are available.

However, unlike the Lexmark Z735, this iP1300 printer allows black ink because there is space to place it in it. Without black ink, this printer can also make black by piling up the color ink consisting of cyan, magenta, and yellow so that it mixes into dark colors, which are expected to be close to black.

Its low price shows that this printer ** Canon Pixma iP1300 ** is a basic class printer without any fancy features. This printer has a paper loading section, but there is no base or tray for the paper’s exit like a printer in general.

Therefore, the printer’s print will immediately fall on the table just like that. Actually, this procedure can work well, as long as you can give enough space at the front of the printer, such as on a work table that is large enough.

This printer will make it difficult when placed in a narrow space such as on a shelf, for example, because the print that comes out of the printer will immediately fall to the floor in the absence of the paper mat, which will most likely make the print easily trampled by passers-by when placed in a crowded place various people pass by, such as at work or school.

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This Canon Pixma iP1300 printer feels less in many ways than the Canon Pixma iP3300 and Canon Pixma iP4300 printers, which are more expensive than the Canon Pixma iP1300. This printer is easy to install because you only need to install one ink cartridge, which is color ink, unlike other printers that have to install both ink types before use.

The custom options at the time of installing this printer program will give you a choice of components to install, such as the Adobe RGB color profile. Still, it is not explained in detail the definition of these components and why this Canon Pixma iP1300 user will need these color profiles to improve color accuracy when doing the printing.

The installer will recommend that you align the printer heads during the installation process, a fairly easy manual process that only requires one sheet of paper for even better future printing results.

Without the black ink provided at the time of purchasing the Canon Pixma iP1300 printer, this printer certainly cannot print high-quality text, which is equivalent to other Canon Pixma printers and is not as fast as others because it requires the accumulation of three kinds of colors instead of directly using black ink in printing.

One printer that is as slow as the Canon Pixma iP1300 in printing 50 pages of writing is the Epson Stylus D78. This iP1300 printer has a faster speed at printing color pages than for printing text, but the quality provided is also not as satisfying as other printers that are more expensive.

Even though this printer has the same color ink as its more expensive sibling Canon Pixma iP1700, the color print provided by the Canon Pixma iP1300 looks paler compared to Canon’s more expensive siblings for some reason but probably because the printing software is not.

As good as Canon Pixma iP1700 because the ink is the same. For the business of printing photos, the quality produced by the Canon Pixma iP1300 looks almost equivalent to the Canon Pixma iP1700. Still, it seems that the quality of the detailed images produced is decreased for the darker parts, and overall it looks less good than its brother.

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