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Canon IJ Scan Utility Download – What Is IJ Scan Utility (Scanner Software)? IJ Scan Utility is an application for scanning files, pictures, and various other products. Access all scanning functions to scan and save directly, from the icons on the main screen of IJ Scan Utility. Canon IJ Scan Utility Download for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 (32bit – 64bt) and Mac OS.

IJ Scan Utility feature

Multiple Scan Modes

Automatic (Auto) allows scanning with one click using the default settings for various items. Documents (Documents) will sharpen text on reports or magazines so that they can be read better, and Photos (Photo) are most suitable for scanning photos.

Save Automatically Scanned Images

The scanned image is saved automatically to the preset folder. Folders can be changed as needed.

Application Integration

The scanned image can be sent to another application. For example, displaying a scanned copy in your favourite graphics application, attaching it to an email, or taking text from an image.

Actions to download and install the IJ Check Utility

Most likely to the to comply with these actions.

  1. Go into your scanner design in the Go into a design message box. Choose your model from the dropdown listing, after that choose Go.
  2. Under Chauffeurs & Downloads, ensure that the appropriate os is chosen in the dropdown.
  3. Keep in mind: The IJ Check Energy is consisted of in the MP Chauffeurs bundle.
  4. Choose the Download and install a switch to conserve the submit to your computer system.
  5. Once the download and install are totals, double-click the downloaded and install submit to start the setup.
  6. Comply with the triggers throughout setup up until total.


Canon IJ Scan Utility Download